So, you want to write and release a song?

Turns out, it's pretty easy.

The majority of successful songwriters say you just have to listen to a lot of songs and write a lot of songs.

Music platforms like Spotify make publishing almost effortless.

So what’s the problem?

Maybe simply churning out song after song and releasing it isn’t enough.

You want to write a compelling song that moves people and leaves a legacy.

But how?

First, stop getting hijacked by bullshit advice and promises.

All those quick tips about writing a song in a day or words don't matter or another beat sheet formulaic approach to churning out another draft that you’re going to throw away.

Second, focus on developing the skills that will make you an award-winning songwriter.

As a Story Grid Certified Editor, I believe the gap between your current writing and your potential can be bridged by learning a finite set of skills - you need to master these and blend them with your unique voice. That's how you will craft song lyrics that make you feel accomplished.

It’s hard work, but it’s worth it.

I can show you how.

Introduction To The ART of Writing Lyrics

Let's Get Started

And discover the ART of Writing Song Lyrics.

Don't know Melanie yet? Or don't have a clue what the ART of Writing Lyrics is? Then you best start here:

The #1 Secret of Writing Timeless Hit Song Lyrics, and How You Can Do It, too.

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Lyric Mastery Podcast


Want Lyric Writing Tipps for the road?

The Lyric Mastery Podcast is all about helping you look BEYOND lyric structure and form AND focus on what's important: your lyric's MESSAGE and how to deliver it...

I believe songs have the power to change lives.

So give your lyrics the power to make an impact. In this podcast, you get amazing tools on how to craft, write, and revise your lyrics without hitting writer's block ever again.

Mastering The ART of Writing Lyrics

Let's Write Those Timeless Hit Song Lyrics!

And master the ART of Writing Song Lyrics.

Know Melanie and the ART, then it's time to take the next step and dive into the ...

Master the #1 Secret of Writing Timeless Hit Song Lyrics!

The Lyric Mastery Sucess Path will give you the confidence and the skills to finally write compelling lyrics so that there's no more wondering if your lyrics are "good enough" or doubting if you are "good enough".

Mastering the Art of Writing Lyrics gives you the tools and concepts to objectively look at your lyrics to know what works, what does not, and how you can improve them.

21 steps to a written lyric - songwriting roadmap

Improve Your Skills by Studying Masterworks Inside...

The Lyric Mastery Circle

The Lyric Mastery Circle is the best place to improve your skills in writing powerful lyrics. Each month, we will study the lyrics of a popular song and break it down into a blueprint that can guide your writing. We have monthly masterclasses, and you can even get detailed feedback on your lyrics!

21 steps to a written lyric - songwriting roadmap

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