Master the ART of Writing Song Lyrics.

Hey, I'm Melanie Naumann.

I help aspiring and established songwriters write powerful lyrics that are compelling and meaningful so that people find guidance, comfort, and companionship and feel empowered to solve the problems and challenges in their lives.

I do that by focusing on the ART of writing lyrics which is all about the lyrics' content, the message, and the experience our words give to our audience.

Be ready for a NEW perspective on Writing Song Lyrics.

In everything I do, I offer you a new approach on writing meaningful and compelling song lyrics.

And here's what other people are saying about my trainings and the RESULTS they get:

Discover how to write captivating lyrics without having to write 100 bad ones.


Give your lyrics the power to make an impact.

There’s greatness inside of you waiting to get out.

You already have everything you need to write great songs. You got your voice, your passion, and your life! There's so much to draw from! Now it's just about finding a simple step-by-step process that takes you from idea to outline to draft to finished and revised lyrics that speak to your audience's heart and souls.

Write Songs based on what matters to you.

You have something to say – about life, love, the world, ... whatever it is. And it matters! There are people out there who long to hear what you have to say. So don't let self-doubt hold you back. Just learn the tools and concepts that help you to truly communicate what matters to you so that you can reach other people and make them relate to what you have to say.

Here's What I Can Help You With Regarding Your Lyric Writing Skills

This Is For You


We can turn a strong Idea into a Solid Foundation even if you don't know what to write about or struggle with too many ideas.


Write with Clarity and Intention, and get your lyrics first draft done without getting stuck or feeling overwhelmed.


We can increase the Power of your Lyrics and make them impactful, compelling, and captivating so that people love to sing along to your songs because your words matter to them.


Hey, I can be your Lyric Coach.

Pleased to meet you.
I'm an Independent Consultant for Record Companies and Music Artists, as well as a Certified Story Grid Editor and Lyric Coach.
Songs have helped me more than once through a rough time.

When you merge a story editor, a data analyst, and a lyric lover into one, you get me! I studied
(even dissected) and carefully compared hundreds of song lyrics. And discovered why some songs fade away while others stay with us for decades or even become the anthem of an entire generation.

It's my calling to help music artists write lyrics that have the power to make an emotional impact on someone's life. That's my way of making the world a better place.

Will You Help Me?

Lyric Mastery Podcast


Want Lyric Writing Tipps for the road?

The Lyric Mastery Podcast is all about helping you look BEYOND lyric structure and form AND focus on what's important: your lyric's MESSAGE and how to deliver it...

I believe songs have the power to change lives.

So give your lyrics the power to make an impact. In this podcast, you get amazing tools on how to craft, write, and revise your lyrics without hitting writer's block ever again.


Here's the first step to moving forward in your songwriting.

At Last! A Clear Path to Writing Powerful Lyrics

The Art of Writing Lyrics - LIVE 5-Day FREE Workshop

Give Me Just 60 Minutes a Day, And Over 5 Days I'll Reveal to You the ART of Writing Lyrics, and how you can find strong song ideas and create an emotional connection with your audience!

The Roadmap of a Successful Songwriter

21 Steps To A Written Lyric

Download the FREE PDF that will guide you from the initial idea for your song to perfecting it so you can record and release it.

21 steps to a written lyric - songwriting roadmap

No inspiration or too many ideas?

Song I.D.E.A. Factory

Discover how to transform your songwriting process from "stuck in a rut" to an Idea Generating Powerhouse with just a few simple techniques. No matter if you lack inspiration or are overwhelmed by too many ideas, you will discover the ideas worth pursuing.

21 steps to a written lyric - songwriting roadmap

Learn how to implement narrative songwriting techniques to craft emotional lyrics that have the potential to become timeless hits.

The Powerful Lyrics Masterclass

Join our Lyric Writing Masterclass and discover how to write compelling song lyrics that have the power to move and make a difference in your audience's lives so that you can feel confident in your songwriting, proud of your songs, and grow your music career.

21 steps to a written lyric - songwriting roadmap


Books for Songwriters & Musicians

How to Start Song Lyrics: A Song's First Line - Attention-Grabbing Opening Lines

How to Start Song Lyrics: A Song's First Line - Attention-Grabbing Opening Lines

How to Write Better Song Lyrics: The 99 Secrets of Great Lyrics

How to Write Better Song Lyrics: The 99 Secrets of Great Lyrics

Lyric Notebook: My Songwriting Lyrics Journal

Lyric Notebook:
My Songwriting Lyrics Journal

Log Book & Tracker: My Music Gig Planner

Log Book & Tracker:
My Music
Gig Planner

Learn how to Emotionally Connect with your Audience.

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