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Hey there! I'm Melanie.

Song Lyrics

Developmental Editor

I help you master the ART of writing song lyrics so your songs can hook, engage, and connect with your audience and make a meaningful difference in their lives.

EVERY writer needs an editor.

And so do songwriters.

Here's something fascinating: Fiction- and non-fiction writers work together with an editor. No matter if it's a book, a screenplay, or a script.

We all know that if you want to write a book, at one point, an editor has to go through it to let you know what works, what does not, and how you can make it better.

So why is it then that songwriters are stepping out of line? They are writing as well. They are telling stories through their words.

Only the medium is different.

  • The principles of how to communicate what matters to you so that it resonates with other people, it's the same.
  • Being able to build an emotional connection with the audience so they are invested in what you're saying and feel like you're taking them on a journey, it's the same.
  • And leave them with a meaningful takeaway that can make all the difference in their life - it's the same craft you need to apply to your work as any other writer does.

So why do songwriters release their songs without EVER talking to an editor?

Because there's so much more that goes into a song that we think we can get away with what we've written. Songs need music, music needs songs. And words... they're just something to throw on top?

But with our words, we can take someone on a journey and provide comfort, hope, and be the light in the dark ("when all other lights go out" - to quote Lady Galadriel here ;-)

So it's time to treat them with the same care and appreciation as the music. Because as a writer, you can choose to have an editor by your side.

Melanie Naumann is an Independent Consultant for Record Companies and Music Artists, as well as a Certified Story Grid & Developmental Editor, and fiction- and non-fiction author.

She dissected hundreds of song lyrics, studying the craft of storytelling in songwriting. And discovered why some songs fade away while others stay with us for decades or even become the anthem of an entire generation.

It's her calling to help music artists write lyrics that have the power to make an emotional impact on someone's life through the power of storytelling that makes the ART of writing lyrics - lyrics that create an emotional connection with the listener and let you, as the songwriter, communicate what matters to you so that it resonates with your audience, and with that: leave your legacy.

About Melanie

I am often asked, “Melanie how did you get to where you are today?” In order to understand how I got to where I am today you have to understand what I have gone through to get here. Below, you will see a critical timeline with significant moments that changed everything for me starting with where I am today and then working backward!

Songwriter Skill Profile

In 2024, I am also offering to create a songwriter's profile on their lyric writing skills. This profile will show them their strengths and areas for improvement so that they can level up their craft in writing impactful lyrics that communicate a meaningful message.

For more information, click here.

Onward and Upward

2024 - Once you get to know me, you will see that I am constantly working on improving what I share and teach - discovering new concepts, making it simpler, and connecting what I know from marketing, storytelling, psychology, and songwriting into one — the result: The Lyric Mastery Success Path.

I am so proud of this program because it helps you discover and master the ART of writing compelling and meaningful song lyrics.

"Stories in Songs" to LyricMastery.

2023 - It was time to make that change. It was important to communicate that I focus on helping music artists craft powerful lyrics. There's still so much confusion that storytelling only belongs to certain music genres. But my case studies prove no matter what music genre, the words hold the power in how successful a song or album will be. And yes, storytelling makes a good song a great song. That's how we can achieve lyric mastery. And there's so much more. So it's not just about storytelling in songwriting, it's all about the ART of writing lyrics because the narrative is a part of writing those powerful lyrics.

3rd Case Study: Green Day

2022 - Done my third case study to prove the correlation between the power of lyrics and an album's success. And, low and behold, again, it's true. It's proven. It's right. Lyrics greatly influence how successful an album will be!

Specifically, I analyzed all 169 song lyrics of Green Day's 13 studio albums and analyzed over 54 criteria. The correlation is clear!

2nd Case Study: PLACEBO

2021 - In my second Case Study, I analyzed a band's lyrics that couldn't be more different from Westlife. Placebo's lyrics are tongue-in-cheek, with many hidden meanings and ways to make their songs your own. But still, do the lyrics influence Placebo's success? YES. As you can see on the graph, their best-selling album "Sleeping With Ghosts" followed or surpassed what fans loved about Placebo's lyrics, while their album "Loud Like Love" disappointed them - and that resulted in a drop in sales, making "Loud Like Love" their worst-selling album.

1st Case Study: WESTLIFE

After figuring out that I was meant to be a Lyric Coach, I had to find out how much the lyrics influence an artist's success. So I started my first case study analyzing all the songs of the Irish band Westlife. And there was a direct correlation between the power of their lyrics and the sales of an album. Incredible!

Becoming a Story Grid Certified Editor

In February 2019, I went to Nashville to participate in the Story Grid Editor Certification Seminar taught by the Story Grid methodology creator and an editor with +30 years of experience, Shawn Coyne.

It was there where I had my biggest AHA moment. We analyzed scenes from books or movies and applied one basic storytelling concept to analyzing songs. This blew my mind!

Discovering My Love For Editing

After writing my first novel and becoming a self-taught editor, I turned my passion into a part-time job. I officially became a story editor - for novels and comic books! After years of writing stories only for my entertainment (or call it escaping into different worlds), I also released my first thriller novel.

What Is Song Lyric Editing?

When you want to write engaging and meaningful songs that stand the test of time, you need someone you can count on when it comes to the ART of writing lyrics. So if you want to work with me – be it to get feedback on one of your songs or album, create a concept album together, or find your unique lyrical voice – feel free to click the button below, learn more about song lyric editing, and how I can help you so that you can write your best song lyrics.