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Discover The Level Of Your Lyric Writing Skills

A songwriter profile provides insights into the songwriter's lyric writing skills.

Discover your strengths and areas for improvement as you see all parts of the craft of writing compelling, impactful lyrics laid out.

This is kinda like an in-depth CT scan of your lyric writing skills, uncovering everything. And so this is for the ones who have the HUNGER to LEVEL UP THEIR CRAFT.

Because you get the lyrics of up to 60 of your songs checked using over 75 different criteria!

This shows you exactly what you're already doing like a natural, as well as the things that you can tweak to take your lyric writing & storytelling to the next level (+ HOW you can reach the next level).

How It Works

A Songwriter Profile Provides Insights Into The Songwriter’s Lyric Writing Skills.

To determine the songwriter's profile, their lyrics are evaluated. The evaluation criteria are based on the proven components that make timeless hit song lyrics*.

The data is collected in a spreadsheet. Once all the lyrics have been analyzed, the collected data is turned into infographics and charts.

This visual representation of the lyric power of the songwriter’s songs allows us to find the patterns that mark their skill level in all the criteria used.

Then, we can use those patterns to give specific feedback on each skill that goes into the skill set of writing meaningful and compelling song lyrics – so the songwriter has a clear overview of what they’re already doing like a natural, and where they can level up their writing.

* from having analyzed over 600 song lyrics

You get all the 'data' presented in clear and simple summary (so you don't have to get lost in the graphs), and so you can focus on a provided easy-to-follow path to level up your lyric writing skills.

Yes, I will work through all the data for you, and I will provide you with a clear list of the current level of every one of your writing skills that goes into the ART of writing song lyrics. So you will know your current skill level (so you know where you currently are), plus a clear path to move forward so you can get to where you want to go (and become a better songwriter!).

To improve your skills, I will let you know what the most important things are that you should put your focus on (that will have the largest impact on the quality of your song lyrics), and through that enable you to level up your writing.

The HOW to Level Up Your Skills is already DONE FOR YOU

After I've created your songwriter's profile and written down your next-step recommendation letter, you will get access to the Lyric Mastery Success Path.

This extensive online course provides you with the frameworks and concepts you need to improve your writing skills. And I will highlight the modules and sessions that are KEY to help you become a more skillful songwriter.

Get Your Songwriter Profile

Delivered within 21 days

Know exactly what you're already doing like a natural when it comes to your lyrics' Content, Message, and the Audience's Experience — and what you can focus on to level up your entire skill set!

  • Get 60 of your song lyrics analyzed to discover your current level of your writing skills (know your strengths and areas for improvement so you can level up with clarity and intention). This is the most in-depth shot of your writing skills (it's kinda like a CT scan that shows you everything).
  • Get all the data distilled in a one-sheet overview of your skill level for over 70 different criteria that go into great song lyrics
  • Get a next-step recommendation letter so you know where to start and where to go on your path to leveling up your writing skills
  • Get all the infographics and the graphs to see the progression of each skill over time
  • One-Year FREE Access to the Lyric Mastery Circle membership and the entire Lyric Mastery Success Path to get the training on HOW to write powerful and captivating song lyrics so you can improve your lyric writing skills
  • 1:1 60-min Strategy Session for you to ask all your questions and talk about your songwriter profile

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