Find Your Unique Lyrical Voice

Discover Your Unique Lyrical Voice, so you can write another bestselling Album that your fans will love.

Important: This is only available for established music artists with at least 7 studio albums!

Discover Your Unique Lyrical Voice

Find out what made your fans connect with your songs and use it to write another best-selling album.

So you can keep being true to yourself and your fans.

If you want to find your unique voice to stand out from the crowd of all the other musicians in the same genre...

AND your dream is to achieve higher sales and streaming numbers to get your message out to more people ...

And you're willing to trust your voice...

THEN, finding your Unique Lyrical Voice will enable you to write songs your fans will love and enjoy.

Here's why... Because in today's music industry, staying true to yourself or NOT can mean the difference between making an impact on the world or losing yourself!

Please tell me...

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • You've released more than seven albums. Some sold well. Others did not. And you wonder why some albums were more successful than others.
  • You want to work on a new album, but you don't want to put your time and energy into a concept that won't work. So you haven't.
  • You’re suffering from self-doubt, wondering if you have what it takes to write another album that sells as well or even better as your most successful one.
  • You don't want to disappoint the expectations of your existing fans by doing something completely new, so you guess it's best to innovate what made them turn to you in the first place. But you have no clue what exactly made them connect with you.




That's why we have to find the patterns of success.

And for EVERY ARTIST, those patterns are different.

Every artist has their UNIQUE VOICE. And their lyrics are an expression of a unique PROMISE only they can deliver to their audience. Fans have expectations because they love their favorite artist‘s UNIQUE VOICE.

And if the artist delivers on their promise, the album sells. But album sales drop if the artist neglects what made people connect with them.

The analysis of your discography will show us your Unique Lyrical Voice. And it will tell you exactly what your fans love the most about the lyrics of your songs. So you can increase sales, get more fans, and make an impact.

How can we discover those patterns of success?

We have to look at the entire artist‘s discography...

We must know the criteria that matter, how they shape the artist‘s UNIQUE LYRICAL VOiCE, and what criteria influence their success the most because that‘s what people highly value about that artist. This way, we will know what people expect so that we can deliver on and exceed their expectations.

IMAGINE WHAT‘S POSSIBLE when knowing how to communicate best in lyrics so that the words can impact someone because it‘s done in the best way that bypasses someone‘s critical mind to touch their hearts and change their beliefs.

It‘s not repeating the same stuff until people can‘t hear about it anymore.

It‘s about finetuning the UNIQUE lyrical VOICE that made people connect with you to increase the power of their voice and impact.

It‘s all about knowing what works best, what does not, and why when writing new songs so we can avoid creative freefall.

Just Imagine

It Could All Be Different!

  • Get feedback on every album you've ever released so you'll know exactly what has worked before, what didn't, and why.
  • Having a clear and comprehensive collection of different songwriting criteria that matters to your fans so that you have a powerful reference point for comparison.
  • Getting specific advice to follow so that you don't have to wonder what to do better on your next album. You will know.
  • Gaining a better understanding of what's at the core of your songs so that you know what made your listeners connect with your songs.
  • Feeling confident and inspired when you write your next album instead of overwhelmed or full of doubt.

You'll know what made previous albums a success and what you can do to write a hit album that your fans will love.

If you meet your fans' expectations, your album sales and streaming numbers will go through the ROOF.

That's how it could be:

  • x

When you write an album your fans will love, think about how good you'll feel about yourself when you realize you've stayed true to yourself WITHOUT selling out.

  • x

When you write that album yourself, think about all the people who will connect with you because you have impacted their lives.

  • x

See yourself creating something meaningful that will stand the test of time and enable you to leave your legacy.


Writing another album is one thing... writing one that your fans will love needs creative constraints that enable you to direct your focus on exploring the things your fans love about your Unique Lyrical Voice.

So here's what you can do:

Powerful Lyrics Masterclass

Option 1: Do It Yourself

You could try and figure out by yourself what your Unique Lyrical Voice is. You could compare successful and less successful albums and songs to find clues on what people connect to the most and expect to hear in your songs.

Without a reliable system and focusing on the right criteria it will probably only be a big, frustrating guessing game.

Powerful Lyrics Masterclass

Option 2: Do a Survey

You could hire someone who could do a survey to figure out what your fans love about your lyrics and what they connect to the most.

Still, you need to know which questions to ask, and they must be able to reflect deeply on their reasons that go beyond your voice and music.

So all you'll probably end up with are some good guesses but even more insecurity about what to do, and your fans will wonder about your intentions of doing a survey like this.

Powerful Lyrics Masterclass

- OR -

Option 3: Let me do it for you.

Powerful Lyrics Masterclass

Leverage my expertise and experience to find your Unique Lyrical Voice.

This expert analysis of your discography is designed to give you specific feedback on your fans' expectations, know what they exp PLUS the exact steps to ensure that the song lyrics for your next album reflect your unique lyrical voice, which you've already established through your previously released albums.

I am the creator of the Uniqueness Factor Analysis - a comprehensive study and analysis of all of your song lyrics - to discover your Unique Lyrical Voice.

This expert analysis of your discography is designed to give you specific feedback on your fans' expectations, know what they expect the most, PLUS the exact steps to ensure that the song lyrics for your next album reflect your unique lyrical voice, which you've already established through your previously released albums.

What the Uniqueness Factor Analysis includes:

#1 – Complete Analysis of all the Lyric of all your Studio Albums

Get a detailed analysis of all your previously released songs so that you’ll know what you're already doing great and where you can focus on improving.

This is a deep dive into your album’s songs, analyzing what worked and what didn’t work answering a list of well-chosen storytelling criteria so that you’ll not only get a comprehensive insight into your songs but also specific feedback to every song you’ve ever released on an album.

#2 – Infographics for all the criteria

Get professionally designed and extensive infographics visualizing the most important results so that you can clearly see each album's strengths and weaknesses.

This will give you a black-and-white, close-up comparison of how well each album and its single releases met the most important storytelling criteria like genre, character, and theme. This allows you to see which album(s) and singles stood out the most overall and in terms of the ART of writing lyrics.

#3 – Writer Profile

Discover your strengths and areas for improvement as you see all parts of the craft of writing compelling lyrics laid out. This means you get the lyrics of all your albums checked using over 75 different criteria. This shows you exactly what you're already doing like a natural, as well as the things that you can tweak to take your lyric writing to the next level.

#4 – Most Impactful Criteria for your Lyrics' Power

Discover the top criteria that have the largest impact on the success of your albums so that you exactly know what your listeners expect to hear in your songs.

I will provide you with a visual comparison of the overall analysis results with the sales data of your albums so that you'll know exactly which single releases and which lyric power criteria influenced the sales positively or negatively.

This is the most valuable resource you’ll ever need for your songwriting because it provides you with an important reference point to see which lyric power criteria are the most influential ones for the success of your albums. Once you understand the past, you’ll see the future much clearer.

#5 – Next-Step Recommendation Letter

Get a next-step recommendation letter so that you'll know exactly what to focus on instead of worrying about what works best.

With all the data gathered in the analysis as well as in the infographics, you’ll get a next steps editorial letter that includes specific feedback on what you should focus on in your songwriting, how you can improve it, and how you can take your songwriting skills to the next level to make your next album a hit.

#6 – Coaching and Support

We can jump on the phone or meet in person to discuss my evaluation and possibilities for the next album so that you’ll feel confident moving forward with your next project.

You will talk one-on-one with me. You can ask me any questions about my feedback, your next steps, or about how to tell stories in general. You’ll leave the call with a clearer global, big-picture view of how you can tackle your next album.

#7 – You will know your Uniqueness Factor

Most importantly, you will know your Uniqueness Factor and how to apply it in your songwriting so that you attract more fans, reach higher album sales, and write engaging songs that truly impact your listeners' lives.

That means you will know the secret formula that made previous albums a success and learn how to write another album like it or even a better one, while becoming a better songwriter at the same time.

Discover Your Songwriter Profile

A songwriter profile provides insights into the artist’s lyric writing skills.

To determine the songwriter's profile, their lyrics are evaluated. The evaluation criteria are based on the proven components that make timeless hit song lyrics.

Once all the lyrics have been analyzed, the songwriter’s profile is created by finding the patterns that mark their skill level in all the used criteria to give specific feedback on each skill that goes into the skill set of writing meaningful and compelling song lyrics – so the songwriter has a clear overview of what they’re already doing like a natural, and where they can level up their writing (+++ the HOW will be provided, too).

What's Possible

You'll get a clear picture of what your fans resonated with the most in the songs of your previous albums PLUS an implementation guide for the concrete next steps on how to apply the feedback to your lyrics, take your songwriting to the next level, and write another bestselling album.

The Scope of This Analysis

The entire analysis of, i.e. 7 studio albums with approx. 10 songs on each album requires ...

over 8000

spreadsheet cells

112 criteria

on each song lyric

over 140



customized action plan

Yes, it all starts with a spreadsheet because it allows us to break down a big problem (how to write another best-selling album) into tiny bits so you can begin to understand how to pull it off and what is required to do so.

Need Help to Decide?

Let's take a moment to see if this is right for you.


  • If you're not committed to making a difference through your music
  • If you're not interested in crafting impactful lyrics that resonate with your audience
  • If you're unwilling to put in the effort or blame external factors
  • You can't accept feedback or constructive criticism on your songwriting.
  • You are looking for help with music, melody or putting the lyrics to the melody. Feedback about music theory and musical composition is not included.


  • You understand there's so much to learn from the past to make improvements to future work possible.
  • You look for an expert lyric coach who can help you communicate what matters to you so that it resonates with your fans, deliver a meaningful message, and create an experience for them while staying true to yourself and being able to leave a legacy you feel proud of.
  • You want to take your songwriting to the next level and are willing to do the work.
  • You understand that investing in professional feedback is the key to becoming a better storyteller and songwriter.

When this aligns with you, it's time to rock this thing together.


Just A Couple of Steps to Get Started

  • Fill in the form below and apply for a strategy call with me.
  • We'll get on the phone and talk about this opportunity and your albums.
  • Send me the lyrics & streaming/sales date of your single releases and albums.
  • Discover Your unique lyrical voice and write another best-selling album.

Step 1: Your Details

Step 1: Fill in the Form to Get to the Application Form

We will not send spam

Please fill in the form to get to the application page. Once I have received your application, I will send you a brochure with all the important details about the Uniqueness Factor Analysis as well as a link to schedule a call with me.

We've already recorded some songs. Is it too late to do this?

Don't worry! Of course, it's best to do the analysis before you go into the studio to record your album. But if you've already recorded some songs and you worry that the lyrics are not strong enough to engage your audience, then please reach out to me. I can check your album and give you concrete and actionable feedback so that you can improve the rest of the songs without re-recording the others.

What qualifies you to evaluate song lyrics?

I am a Story Grid Certified Editor. That means I was personally trained by Shawn Coyne. He is an editor with over 35+ years of experience in editing manuscripts and has worked in the "Big 5" publishing houses. He is the creator of the Story Grid methodology which helps writers tell powerful narratives. I renew my certification every two years to stay on top of my game. Furthermore, I have analyzed over hundreds of song lyrics, and I am the creator of LyricMastery and all the concepts around the ART of writing song lyrics.

How do I send you the songs for the analysis?

I focus on the lyrics of the songs and not on the implementation of the music. So it's totally fine if you send me the lyrics in a Word file, in a Google document, or in a PDF via email.

We're unsure which direction to take on our new album. Can you help us?

Absolutely! Let's get on the phone and discuss what keeps you from getting started. Please send me an email to, and we can have a chat about it and if this is the best option for you.

We've only written a couple of songs, but would like some feedback before we continue. Can you check them out?

Yes, of course! We can get started with this right after you've joined as a DIAMOND member of the Lyric Mastery Circle. To get started, you can also get feedback on one of your song lyrics or book a 30-minute coaching call with me. For more information: please click here. If you want to talk about this offer here on this page, you can also send me an email at, and we can have a chat about it and see if this is the best option for you.

We have less than seven albums. Can you still help us?

Yes, but anything below seven might be not so precise in what your Unique Lyrical Voice might be. After all, you are still in the process of finding your voice. So I'd recommend you work with me on an album together before you invest in this service.

We can't send out demo tapes, but can you check our songs anyway?

Yes, absolutely. You don't have to have the music ready in order to apply for the analysis of your song lyrics. I focus only on the lyrics and not on the melody or the musical implementation. So send me the lyrics of the songs as a Word document or PDF.

Do you work as a topliner as well?

When working together, I focus on consulting, coaching, and writing lyrics together because I believe everyone has a story to tell. And I want to support you to be able to tell what you need to express in your songs. So I'd love to work WITH you to help you write powerful and captivating lyrics.

Can I submit lyrics that are written in another language?

Yes. I also accept lyric submissions in Spanish, German, and English.

I have another question.

Alright, no worries. Please send me an e-mail to and I will get back to you ASAP.

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