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This checklist includes the crucial components of every hit song that lasted over decades.

Do you want to write songs that move people, but struggle with getting your lyrics finished?

21 Steps to a Written Lyric - Writing Song Lyrics Guide

Do you struggle with writing song lyrics because it seems too complicated a process, so you'll hold your ground and prefer not to start at all?

Then I have something for you!

A clear "road map" of a successful songwriter will reveal to you the process of writing a song lyric in 21 steps. You can tick them off one by one.

Thanks to this:

  • you will get a clear idea of ​​what awaits you on the way
  • you can plan much better;
  • you will find it much easier to write knowing that you are walking in the right direction.
21 Steps to a Written Lyric - Writing Song Lyrics Guide

The Road Map of a Successful Songwriter is incredible. It really motivated me and got me started to write. It is simply something wonderful, it helped me a lot and I firmly believe that I will be able to finish the song by my birthday thanks to this map. THANK YOU!

– April Lory

This map of the successful songwriter was exactly what I was looking for. It's a great work tool. Clear, visually excellently processed. Just as every map leads us to a desired goal, this one leads us to finish the song we've always wanted to write. I personally appreciate the possibility of checking off the individual steps of my journey. The feeling that I am fulfilled and not spinning in a circle of uncertainty, "where to now," is priceless. You can see that the creator of this map is a professional who knows what she is talking about.

– Elizabeth Scott

Hi, I'm Melanie.

I believe that anyone who really wants to can write captivating and engaging lyrics that move people - if they have the right guidance.

That is why in 2019, I founded the Lyric Mastery project to help you on this journey from the beginning to a successful end.

I have analyzed hundreds of song lyrics to find the crucial components and essential elements that make a good song a great song. Many songwriters have used my concept of narrative songwriting to write compelling song lyrics that have resonated greatly with their audience, and they feel pure euphoria each time they get another great song lyric finished.

If you want to experience it too, download the 21 Steps to a Written Lyric, aka The Roadmap of a Successful Songwriter, and get started TODAY!

21 Steps to a Written Lyric - Writing Song Lyrics Guide

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