The Lyric Mastery Circle is the best place to improve your skills when it comes to the ART of writing powerful lyrics.

Many amazing songwriters say that the key to becoming a better songwriter is to LISTEN TO A LOT OF SONGS.

But here's the thing: Just "listening" to a bunch of different songs won't turn you into a better songwriter. If that were true, everyone on this planet probably should be an incredible songwriter.

"Listening to a lot of songs" is far too random.

It's easy to say, but it doesn't work.

So, what we do inside the Lyric Mastery Circle is to improve our skills by studying Masterworks.

Now what is a Masterwork? Masterworks are those songs that have endured over time. They are operating at the top of their genre. They're the songs that we come back to and that bring in royalties again and again. Because every generation keeps listening to them.

So each month, inside the Lyric Mastery Circle, we'll learn from the best songwriters who have written timeless hit song lyrics and songs that had tremendous success!

At least, that's what we do at the GOLD level.

But there's far more that awaits you inside PLATINUM and DIAMOND.

Here is an overview of each membership level of the Lyric Mastery Circle.

The Lyric Mastery Circle

Please click on the button of each tier for more information on each level and what it includes.


  • The Lyric Mastery Success Path (GOLD)
  • Monthly Lyric Studies of Popular Songs
  • Monthly Writing Guidelines based on the Lyric Study
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Monthly Q&A Calls
  • Library Access to past Song Studies & Masterclasses
  • Lyric Mastery Circle Community (Coming Soon)
  • Member's Song Makeover (submit ONE Song Lyric for consideration each month to get in the draw for detailed feedback on your lyrics)



  • Everything included in GOLD
  • 6 Month MASTERMIND
  • Small Group Setting of max. 10 Members
  • Monthly 2-hour Live Workshop
  • Weekly Level-Up-Your-Skills Schedule so you get the training you need to develop your next song lyrics and improve your lyric writing skills by following the process from Idea to Outline to Draft
  • Revision and Feedback included for the song lyrics you write during the Mastermind (one song)
  • Have your song featured in the Hidden Anthems Anthology Series and Playlist to get your song heard in front of thousands of people (if criteria are met, highly likely when you apply the concepts)
  • Access to the FULL Lyric Mastery Success Path so you can master the ART of writing lyrics (over 45 additional sessions to go in-depth on storytelling in songwriting)


1:1 Mentorship


  • Everything included in GOLD and PLATINUM
  • FULL ACCESS to the complete Lyric Mastery Success Path & the accompanying GUIDE to master the ART of writing timeless hit song lyrics.
  • Exclusive Lyric Writing MENTORSHIP: 1:1 Premium Coaching, Guidance, and Support
  • Discover the Heart of Your Songs & so you can put your time and energy into a project that's meaningful to you.
  • Story and Character Development
  • Quick feedback loop on the song lyrics we're working on together so you can revise them with intention and clarity.
  • Evaluation of your Lyrics Power so you know your current skill level.
  • Recordings & Transcripts of all our 1:1 calls on your personal dashboard so you can review them anytime.
  • UNLIMITED 1:1 Premium Coaching, Guidance, and Support


or save $1,994 and pay in full for a year