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Maybe you've heard this one before: Many amazing songwriters say that the key to becoming a better songwriter is to LISTEN TO A LOT OF SONGS.

But here's the thing: Just "listening" to a bunch of different songs won't turn you into a better songwriter. If that were true, everyone on this planet probably should be an incredible songwriter.

"Listening to a lot of songs" is far too random.

It's easy to say, but it doesn't work.

So what can we do instead?

Improve Your Skills by Studying Masterworks

inside the Lyric Mastery Circle!

The Lyric Mastery Circle is the best place to improve your skills when it comes to the ART of writing powerful lyrics.

Each month, inside the Lyric Mastery Circle, we'll learn from the best songwriters who have written timeless hit song lyrics and songs that went viral!

So instead of listening to a lot of songs, let's study masterworks.

Now what is a Masterwork? Masterworks are those songs that have endured over time. They are operating at the top of their genre. They're the songs that we come back to and that bring in royalties again and again. Because every generation keeps listening to them.

So when we say, we want to study masterworks, here's what it looks like inside the Lyric Mastery Circle:

All You Have To Do Is Say, "MAYBE" And You Can Test-Drive the Lyric Mastrey Circle ... For FREE!

You can test-drive the Lyric Mastery Circle for a full 14 days, while you'll also get access to all the previous masterwork studies and masterclasses.

I can't stress how incredible this opportunity is - it might just be a real game-changer for you and your songwriting!

Think 'bout it - you get access to the inside-studies of what made those incredible popular songs timeless!

But that's not all! You also get my masterclasses which explain the inner workings of those timeless hit song lyrics... no more "just listening" but studying with intention and getting better through applying that knowledge.

Because only applied knowledge is power.

That's why each month, we write a song that is based on the masterwork study, implementing the principles and concepts we've learnt.

I have spent HUNDREDS of hours studying the ART of Powerful Song Lyrics... and I'll show you what’s working and what's not, so your precious time and effort NEVER go to waste again!

Joining the Lyric Mastery Circle also comes with a bunch of cool stuff:

All Access

Masterwork Vault

Get access to all the recordings of the previous masterclasses and masterwork studies. Once you've added the Lyric Mastery Circle to your order, all the previous song studies get unlocked. This way, you can start exploring right away while also getting to know the amazing community you are now a part of.

Get the Secrets

The 99 Secrets of Great Lyrics

The 99 Secrets Book about Writing Lyrics is a fat, no-nonsense ‘get-right-to-the-point’ compilation of my best Lyric Writing Secrets – gathered from having studied and analyzed hundreds of song lyrics in great detail to find out what makes them work, heard, and successful.

Get insider tips, strategies, techniques, tweaks, and little-known formulas that have helped the best songwriters to write powerful lyrics EACH and EVERY time.

All You Have To Do Is Say,

"MAYBE" And You Get Complete Access... For FREE!

That's Not All!

I truly believe that studying masterworks and applying that knowledge can turn you into a better songwriter. That's why I'm willing to give you all of the following things as well - just for you to say "Maybe".

Here Are The BONUS FREE GIFTS When You Sign Up Today:

Bonus Training

The Song I.D.E.A. Training

Transform your songwriting process from "stuck in a rut" to an Idea Generating Powerhouse with just a few simple techniques.

The framework takes you step-by-step

  • from finding an idea that's irresistible to you,
  • to exploring it further so that you have a clear understanding of where your song is going,
  • to discovering what you have to say about it,
  • and validating it so that you know it will resonate with others


Cheat Sheet for Writing a Catchy First Line

Nowadays, it's harder than ever to get someone's attention. And if you want your songs to get heard, you have to grab your listener's attention with your song's first line. As part of joining the Lyric Mastery Circle, you get my cheat sheets on writing a catchy song opening line by using the most powerful opening line device there is: the Powerful Problem. The guide comes with explanations and lots and lots of different song examples.

Bonus Training & Guide

Narrative Songwriting Kickstarter Course

Get this 3-Part Video Series + Worksheets to help you get started leveraging the power of storytelling so you can write songs that move people.

Plus, you'll also get the Narrative Songwriting Kickstarter - Accompanying Guide that explains each of the 21 steps to a written lyric, so you have not only the steps but also the instructions to write songs that move people.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

All You Have To Do Is Say, "MAYBE" And You Get Complete Access... For FREE!

When You Say "Maybe" Today, You Can Have ALL Of This...

  • Monthly Masterwork Studies
  • Lyric Instructions and Guidelines based on the Masterwork to apply the insights learnt
  • Monthly Masterclasses on Writing Powerful Song Lyrics
  • Lyric Feedback on Your Lyric Submission
  • Access to the Masterwork Study Vault and previous masterclasses
  • The ebook of the 99 Secrets of Great Lyrics
  • The Song I.D.E.A. Factory Course
  • The Narrative Songwriting Kickstarter Course & Accompanying Guide
  • The Cheat Sheet for Writing a Catchy First Line


If You're Still Here...

Then You Must Be Thinking,
"Is This REALLY For Me And My Songwriting?"

Listen, I would hate it if I became just another "lyric writing blah blah" that gets dusty on the shelf... or saved somewhere on your desktop. No way.

What you'll be receiving today... PLUS what you'll be receiving each month... are time-proven concepts you'll want to refer back to every time you go to write a new song... write an album... listen to a song... or simply want more inspiration for extraordinary results.

So, I want to make it crystal clear about who this is really for...

This is FOR YOU if you write song lyrics of any kind, regardless of music genre, and it can be as a lyricist or singer/songwriter, or both... and you want to write BETTER lyrics that emotionally move people even when you don't feel inspired, and lasts for generations to come.

This is for the songwriter who is DONE writing hundreds of songs to find "one good one" and wants to cut through the BS and get to the core of what makes some songs become timeless hits. That's it, plain and simple.

This NOT FOR YOU if you think this will have you swimming in coins like Scrooge McDuck tomorrow without putting in some work to implement these powerful concepts.

This is also NOT for the habitual "sign-uppers"... the folks that sign up for every free thing under the sun, thinking that just by "having it" then they'll be successful...

First of the month, you'll get to watch a new masterwork study... and then in week 2, you'll get the template and writing instructions so that you can use that masterwork's narrative structure to write your own song lyrics. In the middle of the month, you'll get the Masterclass where I'll show you one particular aspect that the masterwork does particularly well. At the end of the month, you can turn in your lyrics that are based on the writing instructions and get feedback on it.

With that said... my question to you is this: can you really afford NOT to sign-up?

Because we all know, more money is lost through "inaction"...

Do this for you, your future, and your music' future... hit the blue button below right now and sign-up today before the initial free trial launch ends!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Does The Free Trial Work?

A:Test-drive the Lyric Mastery Circle for a full 14 days without sending me a dime. No gimmicks. Then, if you agree these masterclasses and masterwork studies are the best, most valuable songwriting advice, and can't wait to implement everything taught, then you can continue being a part of the Lyric Mastery Circle to watch more studies and classes. After the 14 days, I will bill you based on the plan you choose below.

Q: When will I receive my free bonus gifts?

A: When you sign up today for the Lyric Mastery Circle free trial subscription, you will receive instant access to all of the free digital downloads on your personal dashboard.

Q: Is All Of This Value Really FREE?! What's the catch?

A: Yes, it's true! I'm not just whistlin' Dixie over here. When you say "maybe" today, you gain access to all the previous masterwork studies and masterclasses, plus all the bonus gifts... that once implemented can and will transform your songwriting, and in the right direction you want it to go!

All I ask is that you say "Maybe" and give the Lyric Mastery Circle a shot.

Q: Who Is This For?

A: This is for the self-starter. The singer/songwriter or lyricist that wants to implement real songwriting strategies for demonstrable results. This is for the established songwriters that want to gain a competitive advantage by being able to tell strong narratives in their lyrics so tey can flood their calendar with collaborations.

The concepts shown inside the Lyric Mastery Circle hit you with real, working lyric writing strategies that have turned hundreds of songs into timeless work of arts. Then, the masterclasses give you a peek behind the curtain of the song masterwork to show you the most incredible thing you should take away from that writing... which saves you lots of time because you can implement that in your own writing! And then with the feedback, let me show you what's working and what's not so you can learn and grow without taking on needless frustration.

Q: What If I'm Not Satisfied With My Subscription?

A: This is highly unlikely. Wait until you receive you've watched the first masterwork study, and you'll see what I mean. With that said, if you don't find my lyric writing advice even the least bit useful... then you can cancel anytime and we'll part as friends. ;) I'd hate for my value-packed membership to go unread and get all stale on your computer. So, if you are part of the small percentage of people who don't find this useful, then you can cancel, and I won't hold it against you.

Q: Do You Have A Guarantee?

A: I guarantee a 30-day 100% refund, which means you can test drive the Lyric Mastery Circle for a full 30 days risk free, and if you don't like it, then you can simply email me and I'll refund your money right away, and you can keep the free gifts on us. ;)

Q: How Much Does It Cost?

A: Today, you can secure the 14-day trial and all the bonuses... completely free! Then, after the initial 14-day test-run, if you love the Lyric Mastery Circle and agree this is the best membership on the ART of writing lyrics to help you write compelling song lyrics... then you can continue the subscription and I'll bill you based on the membership you choose below.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Email and I will get back to you quickly.

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