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Unleash the Power of Storytelling

Just imagine...

Spending 90 minutes a day, across a course of 5 days, journeying through the art of songwriting.

Learn To Weave Your Story Seamlessly Into Your Song Lyrics.

Along this path, you'll learn to create emotional bridges with your listeners, authentically sharing your soul without any fear of creative blockages.

Isn't it wonderful to know that this transformative journey is available to you, regardless of your current storytelling prowess, your experience with lyric creation, or even if your mind is a blank canvas without an idea for your next song? Let's embark on this discovery, together.

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Could the 'Tell Your Story In A Song' Workshop

Enhance Your Songwriting Journey?

It could be a wonderful fit for you if you find resonance in any of the following...

  • You've occasionally found yourself struggling to express your thoughts, emotions, or stories in your song lyrics, feeling like the words aren't quite working together as much as you'd like.
  • You find it challenging at times to stay on theme and structure your lyrics due to a flood of ideas, leading to feelings of dissatisfaction or discouragement.
  • Despite exploring online resources, trying objective writing, poring over guides, or even attending workshops, you feel your lyrics could use an added touch of depth and resonance.
  • You're at the early stages of your songwriting journey and sometimes feel overwhelmed by the process, unsure about how to start weaving meaningful lyrics.
  • You've penned several songs, but sometimes question their quality and worry about their reception.

If any of these situations resonate with you, you might find great value in our 5-Day Workshop on Storytelling in Songwriting, as we delve into these challenges and explore potential ways to enrich your songwriting process.

Consider Joining Us Today... we gently guide you, one step at a time, on your journey towards crafting lyrics that weave a captivating story. Picture yourself creating an authentic emotional bond with your audience and sharing what's important to you in a way that resonates deeply with your listeners.

For a humble commitment of just $7, you can explore our carefully designed storytelling songwriting framework that could help enhance your lyric writing skills. The decision is yours. Let's explore the power of songwriting together.

Unlocking the Mystery of

'Taking Your Lyrics Somewhere'

From: Melanie Naumann

For songwriters who aspire to weave meaningful lyrics,

Imagine crafting lyrics that not only tell a compelling story but also resonate deeply with your audience, creating impactful songs without the distress of writer's block, the struggle to express your emotions, or the worry about your songs finding their listeners... might find something valuable here.

Here's an insight to ponder:

During a coaching session, a fellow songwriter once asked,

"If you could give me just one piece of advice, what would it be?"

I shared my perspective, saying:

"Consider telling a story with your lyrics. Take your lyrics somewhere."

Why this advice?

Because when your lyrics embark on a journey, it can be an effective way to express yourself, to create songs that touch listeners' hearts, and to turn your lyrical ideas into finished songs that resonate deeply.

In simple terms – it might be a beneficial approach if you're seeking more depth, meaning, and impact in your lyrics without the constant worry of finding the "right words for the music".

Plus, this advice could be particularly helpful for those who wish to avoid getting entangled in songwriting technicalities and prefer a clear, potent method of expressing their inner world through their songs.

'Taking the song somewhere' has proved to be a powerful approach for many, regardless of where they are in their songwriting journey.

The concept of 'Taking the Song Somewhere' = Telling a Story in Your Lyrics is appreciated by many industry greats and has been adopted by celebrated artists like Taylor Swift, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Ed Sheeran, Miley Cyrus, and many more.

Embrace the Potential of Storytelling in Songwriting for Impact and Success

Consider the journey of countless songwriters, quite possibly like you, who have charted record-breaking hits and albums. They attribute their success to the compelling power of storytelling in songwriting. Here are some of their insights on the influence of narratives within songs:

Bob Dylan

"A story in a song is a world within itself. The words in the verse should serve as the brush strokes of a painter, inviting listeners into that world, making them see through my eyes."

Paul McCartney

"To me, a song should tell a story. It can be abstract, it can be literal, but it should paint a picture. That's what keeps the listener engaged. That's what we aimed for in The Beatles and it never changed for me."


"In my songs, I tell stories that move me. It's like turning my diary entries into music. The power of storytelling in songwriting is that it allows me to express my deepest feelings in a way that people can relate to."

Ed Sheeran

"I write songs about real things, real stories. For me, music is about sharing those stories, and when people connect with them, it's an amazing feeling."

Dolly Parton

"Telling stories through song has allowed me to share the tales of my life and those around me. Each story has the power to connect us, to remind us of our shared humanity. That's been the secret of my success."

Paul McCartney

"Every great song has a great story to tell. It's about bringing the listener into that story, making them feel what you're feeling, and taking them on a journey. That's the power of storytelling in songwriting."

Leonard Cohen

"I have always believed that if a song doesn't tell a story, it is merely a noise. And who wishes to be a mere noise-maker?"

Elton John

"When Bernie [Taupin] gives me a song, I'm given a story to tell through my music. We've connected with millions by telling these stories."

Taylor Swift

"Songwriting is storytelling, you're telling a story in 3-4 minutes. What's special is that each listener can relate to it and make it their own. It's like a shared secret between the artist and the listener."

Kendrick Lamar

"Every track I drop, it's a novel. A whole story with a start, middle and an end. It's not just words on a beat, it's a tale that can change lives, including my own."

Lin-Manuel Miranda

"In 'Hamilton' and every other piece I've written, storytelling has been key. It's not just about melody and rhythm, it's about taking people on a journey with your words, showing them a piece of history, a piece of yourself."

Joni Mitchell

"My songs are like short stories. They are filled with experiences and emotions I've had or observed. When people tell me how my stories have resonated with them, that's the ultimate success for me."

Stevie Nicks

"Every song is a journey, a story. I try to weave tales that are personal, yet universal. That's the power of storytelling in music."


"I've always viewed my albums as diaries. Each track tells a different chapter of my life. When fans tell me that they've been touched by one of my stories, that's a real high point for me."


"Songs to me are like condensed novels. The challenge and beauty lie in compacting a whole narrative within a few minutes."

Carole King

"Each song is a little story. It's a tale of love, loss, joy, pain, hope, despair. Sharing these tales, resonating with others, that's the power of music."

Neil Young

"Songs can tell the stories that we can't say out loud. I've been fortunate that my stories have been heard and have helped people in ways I never thought possible."

John Lennon

"The music carries the emotion, but the story gives it direction. That's the power of storytelling in songwriting."

Alicia Keys

"My songs are my stories. When I share them, I am baring my soul, my experiences, and my perspectives. And the beauty is when these stories touch others in a meaningful way."


"Music is about weaving stories, not just through the words but through the sounds. When it all comes together to create a narrative, that's when a song really works."

Discover the experiences shared by fellow songwriters about my trainings:

Join The Certified Story Grid Editor, Melanie Naumann of LyricMastery:

'Tell Your Story In A Song' Workshop

By embracing this opportunity today, you're opening the doors to a 5-day journey of exploration. With just 90 minutes each day, we'll delve into how you can weave your unique narrative into a memorable song, thus fostering emotional connections with your listeners and expressing your authentic self without any creative barriers.

To give you a glimpse of what lies ahead in this live workshop, here's what we aim to explore together:


Unearthing Captivating Song Ideas

Finding Your 'Stairway to Heaven': Unveiling Enchanting Ideas to Keep Creativity Flowing

On the first day of our "Tell Your Story In A Song" Workshop, we aim to explore together...

  • The potential of storytelling in songwriting in terms of its influence on various success factors such as resonance and reach.
  • The possibility that traditional songwriting teachings might not always provide the solutions to your lyric writing challenges.
  • Why the common practice of keeping a notebook might not always lead to captivating song ideas.
  • The five key life aspects that intrigue people and could provide inspiration for the narrative you wish to express in your lyrics.


Fostering Genuine Emotional Bonds

"Finding Your 'One'": Pinpointing the Heart of Your Song to Nurture Authentic Connection Through Your Lyrics

On the second day, we aim to explore together...

  • A meaningful approach that could enhance your emotional connection with listeners, drawing them into the narrative of your song.
  • The two pivotal questions you could ask yourself at the start of each songwriting session to maintain focus and direction.
  • Strategies that might help you engage your audience swiftly, making them eager to listen and attune to the story unveiled in your song.


Making Your Lyrics 'go somewhere'

"Don't Stop Believin'" in Your Idea – Identifying Where Your Lyrics Need To Go To Inspire And Instill Hope.

On the third day, we aim to explore together...

  • The essence of designing a concept that keeps you anchored, ensuring you remain true to your original intent.
  • The deeper meaning behind crafting songs that 'go somewhere', allowing you to authentically convey your story and emotionally engage your listeners.
  • The art of creating a Hook that could spark your audience into singing your song back to you.


A Powerful Message

From 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams' to 'Paradise City': Crafting Lyrics That Journey From Pain to Triumph

What can distinguish your song from all the other ones? What could transform your song into a memorable hit?

While there are countless songs in the world, not all fully embrace the art of storytelling within their lyrics.

On the fourth day, we aim to help you understand how to shape your song in a way that aligns with your vision and delivers a compelling "takeaway", without appearing didactic. This could empower you to make the impact you desire.


Taking Your Audience On A Journey

Shattering Doubts and Embracing Your Power so you can write Straight-From-The-Heart Songs That Move People

On the fifth and final day of the challenge, we'll delve into the fundamental storytelling framework in songwriting. The focus will be on understanding how you can guide your audience on an emotional journey, allowing your words to influence their lives meaningfully.

This session will be particularly beneficial if you find it challenging to develop progression in your lyrics and make your message memorable.

Do bear in mind, availability is limited...

Our virtual resources have a certain capacity. Once we reach that limit, we'll have to stop accepting new enrollments...

So, consider making your decision soon. We'd be delighted to welcome you to the 'Tell Your Story In A Song' Workshop.

Your Host During This LIVE 5-DAY

'Storytelling in Songwriting' Workshop

Melanie Naumann

Melanie Naumann is an Independent Consultant for Record Companies and Music Artists, as well as a Certified Story Grid Editor, author, and Lyric Coach.

She dissected hundreds of song lyrics, studying the craft of storytelling in songwriting. And discovered why some songs fade away while others stay with us for decades or even become the anthem of an entire generation.

It's her calling to help music artists write lyrics that have the power to make an emotional impact on someone's life through the power of storytelling that makes the ART of writing lyrics - lyrics that create an emotional connection with the listener and let you, as the songwriter, communicate what matters to you so that it resonates with your audience.

The Opportunity to Write Lyrics You've Always Dreamt of Is Here...

...Will You Embrace It?

Eager to Compose Lyrics that Stir Emotions and Elevate Your Confidence?

What You Can Look Forward to in The "Tell Your Story In A Song" Workshop

BEFORE The Workshop

  • Primarily focused on the technical aspects of writing lyrics, overlooking the creative process.
  • Uncertainty about which song idea to develop.
  • Lack of a structured approach to commence and complete song lyrics.
  • Reluctance towards writing lyrics as the words don't seem to flow together.
  • Frequently feeling perplexed, lost, or stuck while attempting to create meaningful and memorable song lyrics.

AFTER The Workshop

  • Fresh insight into the creative process of writing lyrics.
  • A well-developed Song Idea & Story Concept worth pursuing.
  • An established songwriting storytelling framework that makes your lyrics 'go somewhere'.
  • A newfound love for lyric writing, with an understanding that inspires.
  • Concrete knowledge of how to write emotionally impactful song lyrics that resonate with listeners, eliminating instances of feeling "stuck".

Here's All That Awaits You When You Join The

'Tell Your Story In A Song' Workshop

  • LIVE 5-Day Workshop - Five days of exploring how to shape your song's content, message, and the listener's journey through the art of storytelling in your songwriting. (Valued at $1,997)
  • Practical Worksheets and Extra Cheatsheets, enabling immediate application of what you learn. (Valued at $297)
  • Membership to our exclusive 'Tell Your Story In A Song' Facebook group, a platform for additional advice, networking, and ongoing support throughout the workshop. (Invaluable)
  • Our best songwriting "storytelling framework" to assist you in crafting impactful song lyrics - guiding you to create finished lyrics you'll be proud of. (Valued at $997)
  • Private Zoom Q&A with Melanie Naumann, featuring behind-the-scenes "laser coaching" following each session and the implementation lab to help progress your lyric writing post-session. (Valued at $997)

Typically, this would cost: $4.288

However, today's special price is: JUST $7!


5-Day Virtual Live Event: 'Tell Your Story In A Song' Workshop


August 21st - 25th, 2023 @ 2pm CEST (90 minutes per challenge day)


So you can finally write meaningful song lyrics from start to finish, without the needless hassles and headaches of traditional songwriting.

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Why do I have to pay for the workshop?

You invest $7 to get access to the 5-Day LIVE workshop so I can make sure you are committed and

show up to the LIVE calls. It's your decision if you want to invest in your personal growth and your skills, or rather get a pizza for that price.

What is the daily schedule for the challenge?

The challenge takes place over 5 days. We have calls every day and each call takes place at 2 PM CEST (Germany time) which is 8 AM EST (Canada/US Time)

Monday - Call 1

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How much time will it take each day?

Each call takes approximately 90 minutes.

How do I access the content?

Everything takes place inside a private Facebook group, with the live calls being done on zoom. You will get access to the group as soon as you sign up. In the group we'll announce the live daily calls and upload the recordings. Also this is a great way to network with fellow challengers and help each other along the way! You will get the link to join us LIVE on ZOOM via email and the links are also posted in the FB group.

How long do I have access?

You have access to the group during the challenge and for one week after it ends. Recordings will be available for a limited time, 10 days after the challenge ends.

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