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Creating an Emotional Connection with the Audience and Hooking them with your Song's First Line

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Meet Melanie 👋

Melanie Naumann

Melanie Naumann is an Independent Consultant for Record Companies and Music Artists, as well as a Certified Story Grid Editor, author, and Lyric Coach.

She dissected hundreds of song lyrics, studying the craft of storytelling in songwriting. And discovered why some songs fade away while others stay with us for decades or even become the anthem of an entire generation.

It's her calling to help music artists write lyrics that have the power to make an emotional impact on someone's life through the power of storytelling that makes the ART of writing lyrics - lyrics that create an emotional connection with the listener and let you, as the songwriter, communicate what matters to you so that it resonates with your audience.

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What we'll cover

In this 5-day workshop, we will focus on the following:

  • Introduction to the power of lyrics regarding impact and success.
  • Understanding what is the ART of writing lyrics.
  • Discovering what resonates with you and write lyrics with universal appeal
  • The three vital parts of every song lyric
  • How to create an emotional connection with your audience to get them emotionally invested in your song.
  • Write a Killer Opening Line that will hook your audience.
  • Stopping the self-doubt if the lyrics are any good and finally know what goes into powerful song lyrics


5-Day FREE Workshop on the ART of writing Lyrics


September 18th -22nd, 2023

@2pm CEST

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